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AdCash is an internations leading Affiliate Network founded back in 2007.
Founded by Thomas Padovani in Estonia its expanded opening offices in Bulgaria, Mexico and France, AdCash is listed as number 4 in the list of the top 10 advertising networks for websites and has achived the award for being the most innovative Estonian company.
The Platform: ADAPT
AdCash Platform is one of the most advanced platforms in the industry that
retarget the users interestsand can generate big benefits for advertisers, ensuring their ads are displayed
to the right audience and publishers increasing as consequence the revenues.
The platform can be used from the advertiser without the necessity to contact an account manager as is fully self service and allows the advertiser to setup CPC/CPM/CPA campaigns targeting the keywords
in order to allow the retargeting to the final user.
An Advanced algorithm that combines big datas, is the heart of AdCash Platform
allowing to use a powerful optimization tools in a simply way
Adblock Prevention
All publishers have suffered in a loss of revenues due to the adblock in the past but now thanks to the “AdApt” engine, the heart of AdCash technology, publishers are able to serve ads in any case.
Fraud Detection
Using the latest machine learning technologies, AdCash is able to detect sospicious behaviours

Advantages for publishers:

  1. – Maximize revenues displaying the most relevant ads for their audience
  2. – best rates in the business on CPM and CPC as well in streming videos ads
  3. – Monetization on Websites, apps and videos
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