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AdinCube is the leading ad mediation solution for mobile app developers. Through one simple integration, AdinCube gives you access to all the major ad networks (CPM, CPC, CPI) and ad exchanges on the market. It optimizes your revenues between all actors, gathers your earnings for you and and pays you immediately.

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Why Should Publishers join AdinCube?

  • CPM increase.  AdinCube allows you to have all the major ad networks (CPM, CPC, CPI) compete for every single of your impressions. The result is a big increase of CPM
  •  100% Fill rate. Since AdinCube gives you access to all the major ad networks and RTB platforms, you always get an ad!
  • Immediate Payments. You can get paid for revenues generated up to the day before!
  • Integration Simplicity.  The integration is only 2 lines of code! With one SDK, you get access to all the networks and RTB partners
  • Smarter Mediation. Advanced machine learning algorithms optimize your revenues between all ad partners


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