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Adngin, is an incredible solution to increase your adsense revenues  with just few clicks and achieve 30% more on your Adsense revenues.

You will just need to link your google adsense account in the Adngin platform and then on your dashboard click on “experiment”! You will see your ads changing and matching your content, and as consequence optimizing your revenues.

Do you want to try? Is very quick:

Sign Up to Adngin

The platform is self explanatory and in less than 3 minutes will enable you to get the tracking code to add to each page of your website (there is also a worpress plugin available) and link your adsense account.

In few days you will see your adsense CTR increasing up to 60% more than the average!

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Their platform is free up to 10.000 impressions per day and then they offer personalized services for big publishers, or might be required a fee.

There is much more to learn about them on their blog, rich of useful suggestions for successful marketing strategies.


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